Planit News

It’s been an exciting year for new developments at Gateway, including the new and improved Planit website. The first phase was launched in June 2015, drawing great feedback from school pupils and guidance staff who praised the new colourful design and use of images. The easy navigation and mobile-friendly design was also popular.

Following this we forged ahead with phase two, which was to develop a brand new section for National Qualifications and incorporate it into the Planit website. This was launched in November 2015 and provides invaluable information on all subjects and levels. It covers everything pupils need to know, from what they will study and how they will be assessed, to what careers are available. Along with our helpful articles, it’s the perfect tool for the subject choice phase.

Finally, we have embraced the 21st Century phenomenon that is social media! We wanted to feel more connected to schools, colleges and education related organisations and have found it a great way to keep informed and to inform others of interesting news and developments.

You can find us on Twitter @planitcareers and take a look at Planit at

New Mappit Coming Soon

Another fantastic new development is well on its way to completion! We are currently designing a completely new and improved version of Mappit our online Modern Apprenticeship recruitment service at Employers and training providers can use the vacancy posting service for FREE! Our only aim is to make it easy for young people to find and apply for the apprenticeships of their choice. The service is aimed at any young person searching for apprenticeship or School Leaver Programme vacancies.

The new site will be attractive, simple to use and have detailed information on each vacancy posted, as well as employer video case studies. Applicants can upload their CV or create a CV to upload using our ‘does what it says on the tin’ CV builder Easy CV. If the young person registers on Mappit and has a Planit Portfolio they can save a list of the applications they have made, so they’ll find it easier to track their job search activity.

As an added plus the apprenticeship vacancies service will also be embedded in Planit under the Apprenticeship section. Vacancies posted by employers will be listed on both sites. We expect to launch the new service early in the first term next academic year.

Follow us on Twitter @planitcareers to hear more about the launch.

Management Information System Developed for Renfrewshire Council

Gateway’s in-house web development team have been working in partnership with Renfrewshire Council to develop a bespoke website to manage the application process of Children’s Entertainment Licences.

Applications are currently paper based; the new website will manage the process from start to finish including:

  • production companies, parents and schools can complete each form online where appropriate
  • Renfrewshire council can review, manage, approve and reject applications using the administrators area
  • automated letters and licences can be produced
  • reporting system

This easy-to-use website will be launched at the start of the new term and has been designed so that additional sections can be added in the future.

CPD Manager and Professional Update

Eight local authorities are now using our brilliant CPD Manager software to record and manage the Professional Update process for their teaching staff. 2014/2015 was the first full year for Professional Update from GTCS, building on the previous three-year pilot. When a teacher completes the reflective record in their Professional Update year, and it has been agreed by their line manager, this is recorded by the system. After a five-year period GTCS receives automatic confirmation from CPD Manager that records for each year have been completed.

We recently added a new feature which lets staff request a deferral to their Professional Update in exceptional circumstances. When this is agreed confirmation is sent to GTCS to update their records. There is now an extensive range of reports for managing the Professional Update process.

Glasgow Guarantee Redesign Launched

We’ve also recently launched a redesign of the Glasgow Guarantee website (formally known as the Commonwealth Apprentice Initiative). Glasgow Guarantee is a Commonwealth Games legacy that provides support for work, training, job opportunities and apprenticeships for people living in Glasgow.

The redesign introduced a new logo and colour scheme as well as a range of exciting new features. We improved the user registration process to give those using the site quicker access to advertised job opportunities. We simplified the structure to create two new access points, one for those ‘Under 20’ and another for the ‘Over 20s’. These replaced the former sections for the Graduate Fund, Jobs Fund, Youth Fund and Apprenticeships. And, the website is now mobile friendly and will adapt to fit the size of screen it is being viewed on.

WorkIT Becomes Mobile Friendly

We recently completed making the public and pupil pages of WorkIT mobile friendly. This makes it easier for pupils to find opportunities and record information during their placements on any device.

As part of this update the WorkIT home page got a makeover to make it quicker and easier for employers to find out about getting involved in work placements.

The mobile version went live on 9 June 2016.