15th December 2017

For over 20 years now, Gateway has been producing its four popular annual publications: Careers in Scotland, Higher Education in Scotland, Further Education in Scotland and Job Seeking Skills. We also produce a series of career-related information leaflets, which provide pupils and parents with information on key issues, and Subjects & Careers posters (in partnership with SQA).

We also provide a wide range of online resources, Including:

  • Planit
  • Mappit
  • CPD Manager.

Gateway prides itself on ensuring that its careers publications, and online resources, are informative, accurate and useful. So, we regularly survey our partners and customers to make sure that we understand, and are meeting, your needs. Basically, if you are happy so are we!

This year’s survey took place during October and November.

Summary of Results

On compiling the results and feedback we were delighted to find that the overall results were so positive and encouraging.


Although the frequency of use of our printed resources has decreased in recent years, as access to online resources has improved, our four annual publications are still well-used and rated highly in terms of quality of content and usefulness.

  • Careers in Scotland was used by 71% of respondents.
  • Further Education in Scotland was used by 72% of respondents.
  • Higher Education in Scotland was used by 77% of respondents.

Job Seeking Skills was used by 62% of respondents.

Although they were highly rated for quality of content our series of four careers information leaflets fared less well in frequency of use. We will therefore be sending out a further survey early in 2018 to help us determine if they should be continued, discontinued or made available in a different format.

  • Making subject choices for S3 and beyond was used by 61%
  • Choices at 16+ was used by 39% of respondents.
  • Going to College was used by 43% of respondents.
  • Going to University was used by 46% of respondents.

The Subjects & Careers posters we develop in partnership with SQA were rated ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ by 78% of respondents and used by 59%.

Online Resources

  • Planit was rated ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ by 88% of respondents and useful by 93%.
  • CPD Manager was rated as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ by 77% of respondents and useful by 63%.
  • WorkIT was rated ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ by 96% of respondents and useful by 100%.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in it and especially those who provided us with their much valued feedback and comments. We will be making several product improvements as a result.