15th December 2017

Work Placement Unit

As previously advertised, pupils using WorkIT can now work towards SQA’s Work Placement Unit at SCQF Levels 3, 4 and 5 using our online version of the Unit worksheets to record and save the evidence required to complete the qualification successfully. As back-up, we have also provided downloadable, blank versions of the worksheets; they are available under ‘Help and Support’ in the coordinators menu. A refreshed ‘Quick Tips and How to’ provides information and a short PowerPoint presentation about the Unit.

Gateway has worked closely with SQA to provide an online Work Placement Unit that is easy to use and mobile friendly. Pupils can easily view their progress and any teacher feedback. Coordinators have a new, simple pupil management system, which allows them to view pupil progress and assess evidence before, during and after the placement. Exports of evidence and assessment can also be downloaded to PDF.

We are very encouraged with the takeup of the Unit so far with over 800 pupils having commenced the process.

We plan to develop and release SQCF Level 6 material in session 2018/2019. Learning resources to support the delivery of the Unit are currently under development.

Workplace Learning Plan

For those pupils not working towards the SQA Work Placement Unit, we have added a simple Workplace Learning Plan to WorkIT as an alternative resource. It is available as both an online and printable resource, which can be used to help pupils get the most out of their placement. It is designed to meet the requirements of the DYW Work Placements Standard and allows pupils to identify a learning goal and plan their learning while on placement. They can also complete daily learning logs, record their progress and reflect on what they have learned during their placement. Coordinators can view and download pupils’ Workplace Learning Plans; no assessment is required.

Workplace Learning Log

Pupils with booked placements can also complete an online or downloadable Learning Log. This is a daily log or diary that can be completed on placement to help pupils remember what they have done and learned. The Work Placement Unit and Workplace Learning Plan also enable pupils to easily access and view their learning log. You can access blank versions of the Learning Plan and Learning Log templates under ‘Help and Support’ in the coordinators menu.

Remember all of these resources are mobile friendly which means they are readily accessible for your pupils.


Founders4Schools is a free platform that allows schools and colleges to quickly connect with business leaders for employability related activities. WorkIT coordinators can now quickly access a link to this service from their home page.

WorkIT User Groups Take Place

At Gateway continual improvement of our products and services is a priority and we value customer feedback which provides us with information to ensure that we are meeting your future needs.

So, as we were about to consider our WorKIT development plan for 2018-2020, we felt it was important to consult as many WorkIT users as possible.

We therefore held two user groups last month. In addition to obtaining customer feedback, we wanted to ensure that we brought users up to date with the range of enhancements that have been applied to WorkIT during the past year, and those we have already identified for the future. These include:

  • developing and releasing materials for the SQA Work Placement Unit at SCQF Level 6
  • improving data quality by removing duplicate provider and location information
  • improving the reporting features
  • adding an Employer view
  • developing WorkIT to manage Foundation Apprenticeship work placement.

We would like to thank everyone who attended for their input. The sessions proved to be immensely valuable and have helped us to identify several future development opportunities.

We would like to invite any of our users who are interested in the development of the additional support resources for the Work Placement Unit and would like to be involved in reviewing and providing feedback on the draft materials please email Linda Wilkie, Assistant Service Manager.