24th January 2018

We donít like to rest on our laurels! So, at the start of 2018 we made further improvements to our 700 job profiles. This time we focused on providing readers with enhanced labour market information (LMI).

In addition to data provided by LMI For All, the online data portal developed by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), we now provide labour market information sourced from Emsi, one of the most accurate and reliable sources of LMI available in the UK.

This provides us with more accurate live dynamic content for our graphs, charts and statistics. Visual charts have been refreshed to engage more closely with young people.

LMI embedded in our job profiles now includes:

  • Workforce Employment Status (Full time, part time and self-employed)
  • Workforce Education Levels (UK)
  • Job Outlook Scotland: Employment (workforce forecasts)
  • Job Outlook Scotland: Unemployment (historical unemployment rates for the job)
  • Job Outlook Scotland and UK (comparing forecasted increases or decreases in the workforces over the next 5 years, when figures for both are available)
  • Pay data.

The updated content is also reflected in the downloadable PDF versions of the job profiles.