22nd June 2023

If you haven’t already seen our Job Seeking Skills section on Planit, then make sure to visit and see the latest content we have added, all to enhance the learning experience of pupils investigating the world of work!

Aside from the PDF modules that are free to download from the Job Seeking Skills section on Planit, we have been busy creating PowerPoint presentations that complement the JSS series, which are now being delivered in school classrooms across Scotland.

To date, we can confirm that we have created PowerPoint presentations for all of Part 1: Get prepared, and Part 5: Working Life, which will facilitate pupils’ learning experience as they work through the JSS modules. Both PowerPoint presentations and PDF modules are accompanied by learning activities, reinforcing the content learned in the modules, which can be completed at the time of the live presentation, or in the pupils’ own time. Participating pupils can record their achievements as they work through the JSS series on their Planit Portfolio account.

We are continually updating our content on JSS and have made some recent additions to more modules in Part 2: Apply – but keep your eye on us adding more presentation content soon!

Job Seeking Skills is a course aimed at Scottish Secondary School pupils who are ready to leave for the world of work for the first time, which focusses on various aspects of job seeking and working life. The content is approved by Education Scotland. It covers the following areas of job hunting - Part 1: Get Prepared, Part 2: Apply, Part 3: Getting the Job, Part 4: The Outcome, and Part 5: Working Life – with 25 modules in total to complete.