EPR (Enrolment and Placing Requests) Manager is an online system that allows local authority education staff to enter, view, link and manage P1 enrolments and associated placing requests for eligible children of residents who are enrolling their children in primary school.

It makes the whole process easier, smoother and more secure for both parents/carers and local authorities.

Parent/carers can:

  • Submit an application for enrolment using the online form (or a paper copy)
  • Request enrolment for more than one child using a single form
  • Make a placing request for a child to attend a non-catchment school

Local authority staff can:

  • Search a list of requests by school and learning community plus date range and child if required
  • Process enrolment and placement requests that are matched, partially matched or not matched to a school
  • Manage placing request decisions
  • Run management reports for school intake, registrations and placing requests
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